Get to know a little more about our team.

Meneghetti Corporation is an investment services company specializing in the stock exchange market and the buying and selling of shares. Under the leadership of its director, João Carlos Meneghetti, an analyst certified by ANCORD as an Autonomous Investment Agent, the company stands out for the excellence of its team of analysts, all certified with CNPI - P. In addition, portfolio managers are certified at the corporation's partner proprietary desks, guaranteeing expertise and professionalism in each investment decision.

João Carlos Meneghetti is recognized for more than 40 different certifications in the financial market, including SMC analysis, technical analysis, graphical analysis, fundamental analysis and capital management. His expertise is not just limited to analysis, he is also a talented programmer and the developer of the Abu Dhabi Investment system. This system, an Expert Advisor, offers advanced support to the corporation's clients, ensuring an exceptional investment experience and solid results.

Meneghetti Corporation stands out even further in its strategic partnership with NinjaTrader, a renowned trading platform recognized for its efficiency and advanced technology. This partnership allows the corporation to offer operations on the New York stock exchanges (NYSE) with speed and precision, providing clients with privileged access to the international financial market.

Additionally, Meneghetti Corporation has established a strategic collaboration with ADX, the UAE stock exchange, for operations on exchanges in the region. With this, the company expands its global reach, providing investors with diversified opportunities in emerging and consolidated markets.

Combining the expertise of its certified team, led by director João Carlos Meneghetti, with prominent partnerships such as NinjaTrader and ADX, Meneghetti Corporation offers its clients a high-level investment experience, full of opportunities and results.